What is the Meaning & Definition of abide by

The word abide is used in our language to mean that voluntary acceptance manifesting or shows someone in relation to the compliance of a current rule or authority, i.e., the individual recognizes and respects the Authority emanating from the person who invited him or intimate to fulfill an obligation or action, and case is to carry out satisfactorily the fulfillment of the indication that sends you. Generally, individuals abide by those directives, orders, which come from people who we recognize as superior in relation to the role or the position he occupied, for example, in our workplace. Then, such a situation is that when a boss it comes some order will be complied without resistance. Because of course, by that authority that we recognize them to these people is that we fear that does not correspond to this directive if we can receive a sanction or a punishment. Something that is common when this happens.
In personal, intimate level, people tend to obey orders which we taught our parents, our grandparents, i.e., those who have been in charge of our education and training and by the role per is that occupy already is socially agreed that must be respected. If a mother says to her minor child that he will not leave Monday night because it has not fulfilled as it should with the homework it must abide by that order because she is the authority in the House until the greater age.
On the other hand, at work, employees must be yes or Yes abide by those orders coming from their immediate superiors, even despite being against them. If an employee don't follow policies or activities that your boss entrusted, usually befall a corrective and in more extreme cases the employee by this attitude can lose their jobs directly.
And other use that is attributed to this word designates the ability that someone has notice or realize any question that happens to her around.
Obey, accept and respect are among the synonyms that are more used to this word.