What is the Meaning & Definition of Abigarrada

The variegated word refers pied wrong combination, i.e., that then when we want to give account of an individual, of an object or thing as a salient feature presents a little appropriate combination of colors, we can use such a term to describe the situation. Your home decor is so variegated that it is almost impossible to recognize objects and furniture. And on the other hand, other application that holds the term can refer to what heterogeneous, that it is neither order nor connection.
We call heterogeneous that which is composed of parts that have a different nature. Heterogeneous systems are intensive properties whose values differ in some of the points presented, for example, there are heterogeneous systems that are comprised of a single item that notes more than one phase and precisely for this feature refers to the property of heterogeneity. We were surprised by the motley crowd who attended the event.
Note, that the word Motley is usually used as an alternative to the following terms: shrill, strident, overloaded, Baroque and reloaded/heterogeneous, mixed, tangled, confusing and complicated, either to use them are in the first sense, or in the second sense, respectively.
And on the other hand, sober, homogeneous and single terms are concepts that are directly opposed to the concept of mottled in two directions of use.