What is the Meaning & Definition of abuse of authority

The concept of abuse of authority, also designated as abuse of power, is a quite common behavior that occurs in our society and that is that any individual or authority having power above others just flaunt and use thereof for submission to its aims and thus use them for profit. Now, noteworthy is that abuse of authority can occur in various fields, in politics, in a work context, and even in the privacy of the home. Meanwhile, the mode is identical to the above lines above, who holds the authority or power makes it worth to thus achieve their goals through different mechanisms of coercion. Normally threat or exerts physical violence on others to get what she wants in this way.
With some examples we'll see more clearly, a Chief, taking advantage of his position and authority that it becomes him, forcing an employee to carry out a task that is not under the threat of throw it if it is to not comply effectively with the same.
On the other hand, a political authority, such is the case of a President use the power that gives his position to illegally detain an opposition leader to his Government.
In another order of things, the abuse of authority usually see much at the behest of the police. Unfortunately, there are many cases of police officers exceeding in the development of their work in terms of the use of violence. So recurrent to hear of cases in which a detainee was beaten by a police officer during his arrest, or in prison.
Also is you can speak of abuse of authority by this force security when a person is arrested without the corresponding order of a judge or arbitrary manner without a specific cause.
The mentioned examples are representative of the concept and no doubt have a constant presence in our society, without a doubt.
It is worth mentioning that abuse of authority is considered as a crime by the majority of the laws and for the case your Commission has a punishment.