What is the Meaning & Definition of access

The word access is an intransitive verb, which means that it can not be passed to passive voice, which refers to the action of the chance to enter, integrate, or getting into some space, group, quota, etc. The fact of accessing something usually has a sense or a positive connotation since it implies whenever one is benefited with the chance to meet, enjoy and receive what they want. One can access a government benefit, as it can also access a party, a group of study, to the heart of a person, etc. When we talk about access, we are referring to that, rather suddenly, a person can have access or step to something of what it was not before a part. Thus, access or access that is always rather desired to remain so far out of it. There are many different things that one can access, in some cases will try to access a group of soccer, for example, while in other case you may try to access the service of medicine, etc. It can also mean to level up on something in which one already participated, for example access to a better position in the work.
The term access also can be used to refer to the Act by which a person gives his approval or agreement on certain subject. In this sense, although the term still has a meaning similar to the previous case, is also present the idea of access in the sense of being agreed. Access as well understood then can be when a person access to pay certain price for a product, when you access any activity, when you access behave in such a way because of the signing of a contract or regulation. In any case, the underlying idea is the of committing to something simply by the fact of agree or do it voluntarily. Thus, it is important to make clear that access to perform something always has a sense of willingness and choice, as opposed to those things that can be done forcibly.