What is the Meaning & Definition of accessory

Referred to as accessory to those elements or components that are part of the equipment of a machine, the costumes of an individual or a certain work to be performed, or those needing special sometime in our lives such as going to school, to carry out special activity. However, these elements or components still important part and member of that all principal that we talked about not cease to be a secondary part that always depends on another thing or matter to its raison d ' être. Another fundamental feature of accessories is that they are not used consistently, i.e. in a manner continued in the time, but more than anything when your service is required by some issue.
For instance, if you mentioned first, the of machinery accessories, such as a tractor, we have types of farming, insofar as possible, these will be used as and when required, because anyway, beyond that they are or not, the machinery will work, i.e. does not depend for its operation. This is another feature that better describe an accessory, i.e. are necessary and make the whole, however, it is not that without them the machine cannot be used in the example we gave.
The same applies to a motor vehicle, a vehicle mandatory accessories are: wheel wrecker, a fire extinguisher, a set of lamps and the mark, any responsible driver, of course, not should go out without them because even if your life does not depend strictly on them, nor is it that without these automobile is not cast to walk , in the event of an emergency, such as puncture the rubber on the route, without a doubt, help you to better overcome the unfortunate fact.
Meanwhile, fashion is one of the areas in which the subject of the accessories occupies a preferential and sometimes place up to become a condition without equanom. Purses, glasses, belts, stockings, jewelry, accessories for the hair, hats, scarves, gloves, necklaces, or any other item that the individual in question has, are some of the main accessories that participate and help in the creation of a look at fashion. Oh and of course, each of these accessories mentioned above, before making them part of our wardrobe, must be carefully studied in terms of quantity and dimensions, for clearing, not clash...