What is the Meaning & Definition of accident

Accident to any incident motivated by a violent and unexpected, action usually to expensive of an involuntary external factor is called and leaving important bodily injury as a result. There are basic and immediate causes of an accident. The immediate has to do with the lack of a protective garment and the Basic that even though this is not used on a matter of discomfort. Many of these may be due to simple negligence or carelessness by the neighbor, habits, lack of awareness on the part of the authorities to create a State of awareness, among others.
Among the most common accidents we are prone human beings today are those caused by the use of any type of transport, such as air, land or sea, in the home and also work. In the case of accidents which take place both at work and at home, usually, they tend to vary among the dumbest as como puede it can be a small cut while food is being cut with a knife or have tremendous consequences in the event that in the case of a fall in which one part of our body is seriously compromised or if it should be involved electricity, as it can be the case of the electrical shock.
In both and a separate paragraph deserve traffic accidents both populate the Chronicles of newspapers today and contribute to increase the numbers of people who die each year as a result of these incredibly. In this case will include both those that are caused by car drivers each other as those causing motorists to pedestrians by failure to observe basic traffic laws that govern in cities or routes. Unfortunately there are many people who have not realized yet that a car as well as being a good that provides status, comfort and convenience is also a weapon ready and willing to kill too.
Without going very far, in Argentina, for example, traffic accidents are the leading cause death, producing a shock every two minutes, incredible and sadly very real.