What is the Meaning & Definition of arts education

Education is a process that allows the person to assimilate and learn knowledge. New generations manage to acquire the ways of life of previous generations, giving rise to a cultural and behavioural awareness. With education, the individual develops its know-how, expertise and values. The art in relation to him, is all human creations that express a vision sensitive world, real and imaginary. Artists rely on plastic, sound or linguistic resources to express their emotions, sensations and ideas.
That said, arts education is the teaching method that helps the person to channel his emotions through artistic expression. In this sense, this kind of education contributes to the cultural development of man.
The notion of art changes over time; arts education must adapt to these changes. Formerly, art had specially a service ritual and magic, he has lost over the centuries.
Arts education therefore reproduced artistic parameters of his time disseminating among students. However, she aims not to copy or imitate, but to develop the individuality of each student. Education must provide the tools necessary to allow the person to work with and exploit its potential.
Plastic education, musical education and the expressive education of the body are some materials which are part of arts education, a matter of education to which it does not attach much of importance in the school curriculum.