What is the Meaning & Definition of birth

The term birth refers to the statistical and estimated calculation of the births of people occurring in a certain time and place. Obviously, the birth as well as the conception of a life for the majority of people tends to be a source of a lot of joy, although clear, sometimes, contexts of extreme poverty for example does not tend to be best for the development and survival of a large family, then, is where normally the State or any organization non-profit dealing with such expedient , are dedicated to the creation of awareness to avoid, that in these environments in which raw material misinformation about these issues and more precisely on the most effective methods of contraception, there is an unstoppable succession of births then these families without resources do not know how nor do they have with that keep them, IE, create policies to control the birth rate as mentioned in these environments may become indiscriminate.
Generally, people who are responsible for the task of controlling birth by any question especially as which you mentioned above for example, often recommend different methods. In addition to the traditional and little effective methods such as natural the control day of ovulation in women and they avoid sexual intercourse or the man's ejaculate out of the woman's vagina, recommended some other more effective as the pill, the installation of an intra-uterine device in women implants, condoms and hormonal injections.
This information, and also the provision of these methods which for many women and couples tend to be something so handmade and easy to achieve in these sectors abilities that we spoke of represent something unknown in many cases and in others although there is no ignorance on the matter, for the cost that boast, can not be acquired. By this same is that the information is accompanied by free delivery of any of these methods of contraception.