What is the Meaning & Definition of browser

A web browser is a type of software that allows the viewing of documents and sites in Hypertext, commonly grouped under the heading of Web or Internet. A web browser or a browser is an application that operates over the Internet, playing files and web sites often developed in HTML code containing information and content in Hypertext from all parts of the world.
The most popular browsers are Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and others. Each of them has different characteristics, but in general there is a shared approach that allows them to display text, graphics, video, sound, animations, and to run programs. In all cases, the browsing experience takes place through hypertext or hyperlinks, which allow you to go from one place to another, one-page or to another Web site through simple clicks of the mouse.
The main function of the browser is to put quickly and simply to the user the information that has been uploaded or included in the World Wide Web or, simply, the Web by users and developers around the world. Thus, at anytime, anywhere, using a simpler or more complex web connection, anyone can enter to websites of institutions, enterprises, organizations, universities, libraries and individuals.
The browser has the express purpose of improving this experience, through the incorporation of features that speed up the navigation, or you provide information in the best available quality.
Another essential function and interest of browsers is ensure a safe experience to the user, protecting it from errors, viruses, and other harmful elements that can be found on the web and affect the computer that performs the navigation.
Browsers are often used in computers, but also many mobile devices such as cell phones and palm computers can integrate these applications for use at all times.