What is the Meaning & Definition of business

He is designated with the term of business to that occupation that holds an individual and that is intended to obtain an economic benefit. The word has a Latin origin, for example, the Romans, they used it to refer to those activities which were not leisure, and through which raised money. On the other hand, in recent years, the term has been very used by the majority of people as a synonym of company and industry.
In addition, when we realize the benefit who has reported us particular issue for example, we sold a property very above the price at which such a situation, was paying it is on the market, then, he is popularly described and designated as a good business.
Meanwhile, the physical space in which takes place one business either, involving the purchase selling items, objects, among others, it is called also with the term of business. For example, John has a business of antiques at one block from the Plaza.
There are also other expressions containing the term business in its formula and which prove to be very popular in the common language of human beings. For example, when you want to give an idea of that occupation that requires very little effort invested but brings much gain despite she tends to talk about business round, for example, the buying and selling of furniture and objects is a windfall.
On the other hand, when you want to comment on the achievement of maximum benefit with a self-interest, is often make use of the term business. For example, Juan to maximize and optimize the attention in the restaurant plans to do a great deal in this regard.