What is the Meaning & Definition of cell nucleus

At the behest of biology, the concept of cell nucleus called the membranous organelle which is arranged in the center of eukaryotic cells. Its great importance happens because the content appears most of the genetic material of the cell and that it is organized into many linear molecules of DNA, a considerable length, and that make up complex featuring a large variety of proteins, such is the case of histones which are which form the chromosomes. The set of genes of the mentioned chromosomes is called nuclear genome. Another prominent feature of this nucleus is precisely the protect the integrity of these genes and to ensure any type of cellular activity. Case is that the kernel it's considered as the Center which controls the cell.
The nuclear envelope is the Supreme structure that conforms to the core and that consists of a double membrane that surrounds the organelle absolutely and also separates the stated content of the cytoplasm. The nuclear pores that are those who facilitate the passage through the membrane, especially are also with respect to substantial issues such as gene expression and chromosomal maintenance.
The interior of the nucleus, even despite not having a membranous compartment sub in its content is not uniform, featuring a series of subnuclear bodies that are formed by proteins, RNA molecules and unique segments of chromosomes.
The nucleus was the first organelle that science would discover, the oldest antecedent that is it comes from the Dutch scientist Anton van Leeuwenhoek, who would be a pioneer in microscopic observations and after one of these left immortalized the organelle in a drawing, back in the 17TH century. More precisely observed through one of microscopes that made a hollow, that would be the core clear is, in the erythrocytes of salmon.
Later, in the 19th century, naturalists Franz Andreas Bauer and Robert Brown also would describe it more accurately and clear, from this point with sitting base began to delve into the details of this particular item.