What is the Meaning & Definition of cheer

The word cheer is a term which in our language supports two fundamental uses. On the one hand, when an organ competent or through certain legitimate system is conferred, unanimously someone a charge or an honor, is expressed in terms of cheer. They just cheer Laura as the new President of the Foundation.
And the other uses that we give to the word cheer and which undoubtedly is the most popular of the two mentioned allows to refer to those cries of pleasure, joy, jubilation expressing a large group or the people as a result of the esteem and appreciation that a recognized person awakens them or the heroic action that displays any individual who may not be famous.
The action of cheer is so old and used as footballer human beings, for example in ancient Roman times, it was common that the Princes, captains, and emperors were accompanied during their performances with fervent cheers from the people, that with them they showed them their joy and congratulations for the courage that presented in a deed, for example.
Worth mentioning that the word cheer presents various synonyms, i.e., ways to be called, among them: cheer, give live to something or someone, acclaim, exalt, applaud, applaud and glorify, to cite the most used.
Today, acclaim, give the alive, or cheer, is a very present and recurrent practice at celebrations or in any activity that is driven by a festive mood. For example, in the birthday it is usual guests sing to the birthday person with shouts, whistles, applause, shock cups, among others, when it enters the enclosure in which the celebration takes place and also when it finishes blowing the candles for the cake.
Also, sports are cheer practice, when the team followed a goal or when the team that is fanatical enters the Court, fans, are likely to receive them with cries, loose papers, that have the Mission of encouraging them.