What is the Meaning & Definition of children

Normally, it is considered that children are individuals that pass by the first instance of life known as children and who is above the age of puberty. Children usually are understood as such until the age of twelve to fourteen in general terms, although such period of life is in some ways unclear in what refers to the transfer of stages. While babies are considered by some professionals as children, others argue that this stage is childhood before, therefore the possibilities are varied and not defined. One of the aspects that can be used to understand what a child is the fact that they are not considered adults and that they should therefore be protected and cared for by those older. Historically the concept of childhood has changed along history, as well as different socio-cultural spaces. Not only has changed the boundaries of age which is considered a "child" subject, if not that also the rights and needs of such individuals, as well as the responsibilities of the society have been transformed for them.
According to the definitions established by the United Nations, through the Convention of the rights of the child, should be viewed as children all under the age of sixteen individuals, who may also vary with each country's legislation. International law stipulates that at the same time that children are subjects that need the protection and care of adults in all aspects that make their daily lives. On the other hand, they must you have essential rights such as the right to the family, education, housing, food and health, being the responsibility of adults to ensure that these rights are met.
Today there are numerous local, regional and international organizations dealing with secure children from different parts of the world a future as well as good conditions of life in the short and long term. Among them we find (dependent on the UN) UNICEF, Save the Children or Missing Children. These organizations address especially fight against scourges such as child abuse, pedophilia, child labour, neglect, illiteracy and child prostitution among others.