What is the Meaning & Definition of client

Latin charset, the client term to refer to anyone who has access to a product or service through the payment. Often the concept is associated with that or which has recourse to a product or a particular service on a regular basis, although there are also occasional customers. The word client can be used, depending on the context, as a synonym for buyer (the person who buys the product), user (the person who uses the service) or consumer (man or woman who consumes a product or a service).
Marketing and sales experts used to distinguish many classes of customers. Active customers are those who, at the present time, to make purchases with frequency. Inactive customers, on the other hand, make more purchases for some time. It is therefore likely that it meets its needs elsewhere, i.e., at a supplier (or provider) competition.
Another classification brings together clients satisfied or dissatisfied customers. In other words, customers have needs that the company or the seller must meet. On the other hand, at the time of purchasing the product or pay for the service, the customer has expectations about what he has just acquired. If needs are not satisfied either that expectations are not fulfilled, the customer may stop buy.
This basic principle of marketing gave rise to the famous motto "the customer is always right". The company should therefore focus its efforts on customer satisfaction as a satisfied customer is always eventually return to procurement spending his money.
Finally, in the area of the law, the client is a person who is under the guardianship, representation or the protection of third parties (as a lawyer): "my client refuses to submit statements.