What is the Meaning & Definition of core

When you use the word nucleus at the behest of something, usually if there is talk of structures, it will be trying to refer the same to what turns out to be his outgoing, essential, prominent part. Then, the kernel is the Center or the most important element of one structure in which other components are inserts usually minor. The word 'core' comes from the latin and means in that language, middle or heart of an element. Regardless of the type of core is doing to that reference, the kernel will always be a structure, an element or a component that is of great importance because it is located in general information or the most important elements of the largest structure.
Vale highlighted that it will add to you other elements, which probably have a lower incidence or significance in relation to the core, or if compared with this, but they are also vital in the whole and serve to shape it and understand it.
Normally, the term core is used to describe the cell nucleus, but it is also commonly used when he speaks of the core of the planet (the central portion of the planet Earth), the core of a literary story, fiction or non-fiction, among many other possibilities and contexts in which we apply the word.
Cell nucleus
At the behest of biology, if one speaks of the cell nucleus, will be making reference to the party central and most important of a cell of a living organism. We have to say that also in it is all genetic material that composes the cells and giving specific form to the organism in question. This core is protected by a membrane and accompanied by a cytoplasmic mass that have as main objectives the protection of the same and the development of other types of functions respectively.
Also, it has "written" the DNA of the cell, which is where printed genes that correspond to that agency. And here we have another outstanding feature of the given nucleus that is responsible for the maintenance of the genetic information without any shock. In this sense it stands as a sort of controller Center from which regulates tosa genetic manifestation.
Planetary core
The term kernel is also used a lot at the behest of geology and astronomy to refer to the core of a planet which is formed by the union of all its inner layers. It may be a liquid consistency or solid failing, situations that will be determined by its age, size and proximity that holds the star.
For example, the core of our planet, which is the most central and inner sphere which has the Earth presents both characteristics, strength and liquidity.
It is composed of materials such as iron and nickel and its temperature is high, it will be more deeper internal heat and pressure.
Narrative core
On the other hand, in what refers to the literature, the core of a narrative story is the central and most important history, part the moment which closes the introduction of characters and begin to develop the conflict or central events of history. In Linguistics and grammar, the nucleus of a sentence is the central and most important part probably the space in which that sentence is specific meaning which has.
Thanks to the core narrative is that the story may develop organized and progressive and thus contribute to the understanding of the reader.
However, the core is formed by various organized and sequential elements that would cause a severisimo problem in the storyline of missing.
Meanwhile, the characters are the story components that interact directly with the narrative nuclei, i.e. what happens to such or which character with this or that is what make them up.
Urban nucleus
And between the newer concepts that have the term that concerns us we can not ignore on given urban core thus imposed called to those areas that are populated by a large number of people and they also have many ways of connection with other areas less populated and infrastructure.
The use of this term to designate this reality without a doubt is linked to the more general sense of the word talking is the Center or the most important element of one greater structure.