What is the Meaning & Definition of denial

Used in many different ways, the concept of denial makes direct reference to the explicit Act of deny, refuse or not approve certain circumstances, situations or phenomena. Exercise the denial is, in linguistic terms, simply say 'no' (can this be done in various ways communication). A person refuses or does not accept something when it is not in accordance with that and when does not consider that such an event, phenomenon or opinion is the successful. In terms of psychology, the denial is one of the most characteristic of the individuals to avoid addressing situations or circumstances that generate any conflict. Denial is understood psychologically as a defense mechanism that exercises a person unconsciously to avoid accepting or to account for the reality that when one lives. The idea of psychological denial was coined by Sigmund Freud, who always analysed in a profound way the unconscious of the human being, that mental and emotional space that one does not but that is present in our behavior in one way or another.
When we speak of denial we are referring then to the mechanism by which a person denies the reality because it generates some sort of internal conflict, suffering, distress or pain. Denial is common in extreme situations as for example when a person suffers the loss of a loved one or when a loving broken, but can also be present in everyday situations and less aggressive which, however, cause some kind of discomfort. Examples of this can be situations where a person receives a negative critical and refuses to recognize its mistake not to accept their failure or their limitation.
Denial is certainly an impediment to the development of a full and stable life because it dips to the person in a fictitious reality that cannot last too long. The acceptance of what happens around and work to improve or deal with what happens to us is, precisely, the best route to take.