What is the Meaning & Definition of Digital Music

Computers have the advantage of being able to play any format of digital music. Digital music is a modern invention that allows you to listen to music without losing any quality whatever happens you to the media on which it is recorded. Of course if the bracket breaks music already not it would reproduce itself. However if you could retrieve part of the support, digital music would sound perfect or as originally recorded. This is the basis of digital music and is also the reason that has been so successful.
The music itself are frequencies produced by well-managed instruments, these waves stimulated in people a hearing and spiritual feeling. The waves are converted by a code already defined in ones and zeros. Specifically in thousands and thousands of ones and zeros per second. Establishing a basic amount of ones and zeros from 44.100, this amount of ones and zeros is what one second of music. Call this digital music standard PCM (Pulse Code Modulation), modulation on pulse code since what we do is to convert the music into pulses one and zero. The pulses are a logic so that they represent the sound waves.
When the laser reads the ones and zeros of a disk, it demodulates, so to speak, back music in waves. They pass through an amplifier to the speaker and going to our ears.

DVD (Digital Versatile Disk) may not be recordable CDs and digital audio tracks. We can however storing thousands of titles of compressed music or MP3.
There are some voices that speak of vinyl (analog sound) sound better than Cds (digital sound), but this single statement is true when the vinyl is well. If the vinyl is a small deterioration there to say goodbye to the quality of the music.
The music that you hear today on computers and mobile devices, is illegal or legally downloaded from the Internet, although it is this digital in a compression format that reduces their frequencies and therefore lower the quality of listening to that music. Incentive is the fact that in a single 700 MB CD you can store a collection of disks from one author, assuming that it is an author with a rather broad production of disks.
The term music digital also refers to music created with media already on its digital and one of the instruments most characteristic of this new generation is the electric organ.