What is the Meaning & Definition of fool

The foolish term turns out to be a word of very frequent use in the languages of Spanish-speaking, meanwhile, according to the place or the Spanish-speaking region in which it is used can introduce some variation in its meaning and refer issues. The word fool is often used when you want to tell someone, or someone who is ignorant. He very foolish replied to the teacher that the capital of France is Madrid.
Also, the word is applied when someone displays a reckless action. Don't be foolish, with this cloud you can not go the route.
On the other hand, observed him who as stubborn or obstinate also he is qualify as a fool, i.e., when to the repeated advice and the presentation of the negative consequences that can have its actions, the person insists on its purposes, ideas or attitudes. Even if you insist you're not going to be able to convince Laura that let, is very foolish in this regard.
Also, that action is carried out recklessly, dominated by ignorance or by any incorrect presumption that does not keep consistency with reality shall be deemed necia.
On the other hand, the foolish term presents a special presence within the Christian religion, since that way, God will call those who despite the evidence given about your existence and your child prefer to keep saying that there is no God, wherefore say not to believe in the.
Then, the name of fool Dios applied to all those atheists who denied its existence and its recognition as a superior creative entity of all the things that lie on the ground.