What is the Meaning & Definition of fool

Fool is a colloquial term that is used in the English language to make reference to that Act ignore or cancel the presence of another person. The idea fool comes from the word "none" which also means "nothing". Therefore fool is nothing that act as if there is no one, as if the space is occupied by none. This attitude is common when two people argue or face, and one of them (or both) resolved to act indifferent towards each other and simulate its non-existence. The Act fool, however, is not equal to a simple act of indifference to be involuntary. The ninguneo is specifically planned and carried out, and always involves a certain hint of contempt or scorn towards the other person because it seeks to make you know that you there is. The same, is not then, not to notice a person from accidentally perhaps for many other people in the same place, notice it but acting deliberately, as if it were not there.
The action fool may also occur in other ways that indifference is not present, i.e. through aggressions that belittle the person, their achievements, their interests, their forms of opinion. Fool also can mean subtract value, leaving bad standing or make look bad to one person, other. In other words, the ninguneo is a form of aggression that it usually does not involve physical violence but verbal and even psychological because it is do everything possible so that the attacked person feel canonical neglect deplored, assaulted, and underestimated in many different levels of his personality. Although physical violence can be much more painful to the body, verbal violence that may involve the Act fool someone may affect also true so the person psychologically, especially if the ninguneo is continuous.