What is the Meaning & Definition of girl

Girl call the female person that is going through the stage of human life that begins at birth and continues until the entrance to puberty. Therefore, a child will have fewer years of age and as a result of this issue is that also the term use you frequently to indicate that such or such an action cannot be performed it alone, because it still has no maturity, age, or experience that would enable it to make such or such thing. There are many acts that a girl by their lack of years not may carry out, for example, driving a car, traveling alone, among others.
The development of the girl just begins the day in which is born, comes into the world.
He referred to her in that nursing home, as a consequence which feeds through breastfeeding until it reaches the first year. After the year will be considered an infant and from five and up to the age of eleven is when the girl will live to the fullest his childhood.
The acquisition of language as well as also of the understanding of the world that it surrounds it will be getting them progressively through the game and contact with their nearest ones, such is the case of the parents.
She is noteworthy, that along the years and cultures, has changed or you can slightly vary the definition of girl, some extend this stage of life even to 18 years, which is when the person gets of age in much of the civil laws of the world.
On the other hand, usually the word used as a synonym for daughter. My sister is going to have a girl. My girl is very naughty.
The rights of the child were declared a 20 of November of the year 1959, why it is that this date is remembered annually as the Universal day of the child, then the Assembly of the United Nations suggested the different States to choose a day to pay tribute to the children and so is that why there are differences in the countries with regard to the celebration of this date in which it is customary to entertain the children with gifts and surprises.