What is the Meaning & Definition of homeless

We employ the nomadic word in our language when we want to express that an individual, a group, village or community are characterized by moving from a geographical location to another not settling for too long in one place. I.e., the nomad stands out by not having a permanent residence. Many communities and cultures before us stood out precisely to be nomadic, even more, the prehistoric time was essentially nomadic.
Also, thousands of years later, Indian tribes who were able to occupy the Lands before colonizers countries give them had nomadic habits. The need for procuring themselves food, since there were no agricultural activities still generated that these peoples had to move from one side to another to get them, and somehow this determined its characteristic of nomadic.
Industrialization and other factors contributed to its gradual disappearance and the installation of more sedentary habits.
Now, it is a reality that the sedentary habit has been imposed across the nomad, currently there are some communities that still retain this old habit of moving from one side to another.
Meanwhile, distinguishes them nomads today according to economic specialty presenting. So we have the hunter-gatherers, being the most outstanding specimens of this type the Eskimos of Greenland; in the case of nomadic herders are Bedouins and Gypsies; and finally the itinerant nomads, which offer some special art, a craft or type of trade in its movement.
In terms of its political and administrative organization, nomads, are rather simple and not so elaborate structures. They do not have a King or leader to govern for a long time, since prevents it the constant movement; the elderly or elderly people are those who have greater authority given his experience. And they are organized in clans or tribes, which may ally themselves with the mission to confront threats, establish ties such as e.g. marriage, among others.
Among synonyms normally used instead of the word that we are discussing is of touring, it is also a word that concerns that feature moving from one side to another.
Meanwhile, the Word as opposed to nomadic is sedentary, just proposing us the opposite, that person or community that is seated in a particular territory.