What is the Meaning & Definition of hug

The embrace is one of the physical manifestations of affection and love among most people in the world. Embrace is to extend your arms and place them around the person receiving it, almost to the waist and at the same time exert pressure that can have a variable length. The pressure and duration are linked to the intensity of the feeling you want to convey that person, because when the pressure and the duration are intense, who embraces just want to transmit the strength of your feeling of affection. Also, it should be noted, that the embrace is used as a form of greeting, especially among individuals who are widely known and have a significant degree of intimacy and trust, i.e., is not common that it includes someone who recently referred to or with whom you have a more formal relationship. In these cases, it is more common to shaking hands.
And at the behest of a situation to offer condolences, it is normal to use the hug to do so.
Along with Kiss, caress, the taken from hand, embrace, is one of the most commonly used signs of affection and love among people, and as such is invaluable when it comes to providing welfare, love and support to each other. For example, it is highly recommended practice when someone is not right and need encouragement to move forward or to carry out a difficult mission.
In this sense, then, it is important to spread this positive emotional impact that presents the embrace and also inculcate it among children to develop greater sensitivity.
A clear example of this is the story of Australian Juan Mann, who in the year 2004, overwhelmed by emotional problems and loneliness, decided to create an organization called hugs free because precisely their mission is to spread the embrace between everyone, even among strangers. In this moment of sadness and loneliness, John, received the embrace of an unknown that made him feel better and so did the initiative.
Then would come the dissemination of its activity through a video by YouTube social network and then your organization would spread all over the world.