What is the Meaning & Definition of the level of life

Material well-being that someone holds or seeks to achieve

Referred to as level of life to that level of material well-being that has achieved a certain individual per, his family and the "world" that surrounds it, or a community, or failing that well-being that hopes to achieve at some point.
As we mentioned, mainly reference which is taken to determine it is the level of material comfort of those involved in study, which are, or which also aspire have ever have.

Other considerations that influence the level of life: access to health, education, quality of employment...

The standard of living is basically the possibility that has someone indeed access buy goods and services. Now, the level of someone's life can also be appreciated through the quality of employment that has, its possibilities for development, access that has the education, health, and other types of issues.
Will also enter into consideration close or further than the person is of being poor, time which must work to maintain their standard of living, or simply to meet basic needs.
Now, we must say that significant levels of life are mostly possible in developed versus those in underdeveloped economies.
The standard of living, in addition to being covered by the goods and services that have been acquired individually, consists of those goods and services consumed collectively, as well as by those who are supplied by the Government and the public service.

Quantitative indicators that determine it

There are different quantitative indicators that are used as a measure of the mentioned level, determining it, say; among them are the following: life expectancy, access to adequate food, broad confidence in the water supply that is received in the home where you live and the possibility of provision of medical services that ensure a concrete and satisfactory resolution of the health problems that trouble at some point.
Of course, this standard of living will depend on exclusively economic income to count the individual, obviously in the majority of the Nations of the
Then, in the middle and the upper indicators above, surely, will be more than compliments, meanwhile, in the lower is not always achieved cover all and this includes all those that they earn, by activity to perform, a minimum wage.
Normally people think good standard of living the effective disposition of material wealth which are precisely which will allow needs and access all the possible benefits.
This is having a large inheritance or have important incomes or failing having a job that offers a relevant compensation.
The standard of living can fall abruptly in this case that person is laid off from his job. This fact implies that the individual halted certain excessive expenses until you regain its economic balance.
It is important that we mention that it is now easier for anyone to achieve a good standard of life which made centuries ago when social mobility was virtually impossible and the benefits and new levels of life were destined to the aristocratic and noble classes.
On the other hand, we must say that the standard of living that flaunt the inhabitants of a country half is a true reflection of the economic state of the nation. If it is low, that economy should be in trouble, and there will probably be many social inequality, whereas in cases in which the level is high, we will be behind an oiled, thriving economy.