What is the Meaning & Definition of links

The word nexus (or its plural, links) is a word that means union or combination between two parties that normally would be separated. The nexus can be somewhat abstract or metaphorical as a friendship that joins two people in their social relations, as well as also something material and explicit, for example a string or rope, for example when you wander an animal and requires a rope or strap to not lose it. However, the term nexus is more than anything used to level grammar to refer to words or concepts that serve to unite ideas and to coordinate as well several words in a sentence. Grammatical linkages are usually short words although there are also phrases composed of more than one word. In the grammar it is always very important to express ideas are expressed way written or oral correctly to so that its meaning can understand easily and properly. So that countless words or word combinations (phrases) that serve as links between ideas or concepts and that are very important to give the idea the proper meaning arise. Without the links, the sense of the idea or sentence could completely alter or even disappear, becoming lacking sense expressions.
Some of the linkages most commonly used, almost without one realizing its function, are the letters as and e, or, u. all them "Javier or Esteban", serve for the enumeration of elements, for example when it says "the dog and the cat", etc.
Links receive a denominative name according to the function that meet: can be copulativos when they mean the sum of items, for example "dog and cat". Also there are disjunctive when assume two things differentiated between "the soda or wine". Explanatory, those looking to re explain the rationale, for example "IE", "this is", "mean". The adversative, which change the meaning of the idea as "but", "However".