What is the Meaning & Definition of logbook

The notion of diary dates back to many centuries and has a link with maritime navigation. Once, in addition to the Steering compass, interiors (a kind of showcase) ships included a logbook: a book for browsers to note the progress of travel as well as all information related to be useful. The logbook, which was already at the time inside the cockpit to be sheltered from storms and all constraint climate, has become imperative. Somehow, the logbook has a role similar to that of a black box of the plane where everything is recorded. It is therefore essential for maritime safety. It is organized in chronological order, allowing to identify the events noted during an inspection, an inventory or in the event of accident.
The logbook is also used for other purposes. Scientists, for example, tend to be used to record and explain all the processes in their research and to share their experiences with other experts.
Logbooks are experiencing great popularity with the development of weblogs or blogs, which are indeed of virtual journals published on Internet. Blogs compile information of any kind and can be written by one or more authors. This kind of log-book accepts the participation of readers through comments and opinions.
The fotolog or flog, on the other hand, is a blog whose principle is to publish images and fairly brief comments.