What is the Meaning & Definition of love

Regarding a topic as abstract and complex, it is not easy to establish a precise definition of love. However, it can be considered as a set of behaviours and attitudes, unconditional and disinterested that occur between human beings with the ability to develop emotional intelligence. Thus, love can be experienced by human beings, but also by other species arriving at emotional ties, such as dolphins, dogs and horses. In everyday language, often love is directly associated with romantic love, which concerns any passionate relationship within a couple. However, the term can be applied to another type of relationship, such as the familiar love, platonic love as well as of other senses more (love for God and love for nature, for example). In all cases, love is a feeling of great affection.
Love is not a biological concept. There are very many expressions related to love, both for humans and other species. However, they have nothing to do with survival. Thus, there are instead of mentioning sexual intercourse without reproductive and altruistic behaviour.
We will retain that several scientific studies have observed significant correlations between levels of hormones (such as serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin) and love States (sexual attraction/attraction, fall in love, etc.).
In the context of psychology, Robert J. Sternberg has highlighted three components of love: intimacy (the feelings which help to approach the other), the (State's intense desire to be together) passion and commitment (to preserve the love).