What is the Meaning & Definition of micro-enterprise

A micro-enterprise is a small company. Its definition can vary depending on the country, although in general it can be said that a micro-enterprise has employed more than ten steps and limited billing. In addition, the owner of micro works him also. The creation of a micro-enterprise may be the first step of a contractor at the time and organize a project to undertake. By formalizing its activity through a business, the entrepreneur has the opportunity to have access to credit and to pay benefits to social security in order to have the right to retire later, for example.
Microenterprise can set within the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). It's companies had no significant impact on the market (which doesn't sell large volumes) and whose activities don't require large sums of capital (this is rather labor force which predominates).
In addition to the fact that the main characteristic of micro-enterprises is their small size, this kind of business is pretty important for the economy of a country, especially for the most vulnerable sectors from the economic point of view.
This is because given that micro-enterprises can be an outlet for an unemployed person or a homemaker. The creation of ceramic (crafts), the gastronomy in small scale parts and professional consultancy are some of the most frequent activities in the development of micro-enterprises. Over time, a micro-enterprise to success can become a larger SMEs.