What is the Meaning & Definition of music therapy

Music therapy is the use of music and musical elements, such as rhythm, sound, melody and harmony, making a qualified music therapist, with the aim of facilitating, promoting communication, learning, expression, movement, among others, in their patients. I.e. music therapy will develop unknown potentialities or failing that will restore those lost or forgotten that the individual in question to achieve a better and optimum integration both at an internal level as interpersonal and that this lead to a better quality of life for himself.
Music therapy as an ally of health when it comes to recovering patients with mental disorders or diseases of the most diverse, currently holds a really significant expansion, almost all countries of the world have taken hold of it and also having an undergraduate degree which diffuses it teaching it.
The music therapist, such as designating who carries out the work of music therapy in a professional manner is formed professionally, in regard to musical knowledge as well as with regard to the therapeutic context.
Through various musical activities that imply the use of musical instruments, music edited, body sounds, voice, recording, among other tools, the music therapist will be assessing the situation of their patient as well as their evolution to back high.
Among those aspects we can highlight physical health, emotional well-being, social interaction, expressive skills and cognitive ability, which will be evaluated by the music therapist through procedures that mix issues musical, psychological and clinical issues such as: musical improvisation, create songs, vocal technique, therapeutic technique, among other alternatives.
While many believe that music therapy is a relatively new issue, in fact, it is a discipline which, although not with that denomination which would centuries later, is already used since the time of the Egyptians; Some documents and materials of the period dating back 1,500 years before Christ, already gave account of the concrete possibility of using music as therapy for the mind and soul.
It is absolutely proven through different tests that music facilitates the development and conservation of human relations and contributes also to the adaptation of the individual to its environment. It also stimulates the senses, mind and motor processes.