What is the Meaning & Definition of mutation

A genetic alteration that radically changes the characteristics of the living being who suffers from it At the behest of genetics and biology, a mutation is the alteration or change that occurs in the genetic information of a living being and which occur in that living being a change in the pattern observed so far this mutation occurred. A mutation always occurs suddenly and spontaneously and may be transmitted or inherited to the offspring. The plausible suffer mutation genetic is the gene, which is the unit of hereditary information that makes up part of the DNA of a living being.
Generation of diseases but also of evolutions
In the case of multicellular beings mutations can only be inherited if they affect reproductive cells. While mutations can be clearly detrimental effects on the health and the lives of those who suffer from it, such as the development of a genetic disease, long-term, they may be essential to some species exist, since no changes there is no possibility or place for evolution.
Main types of mutations
According to the type of consequences that produce, there are different types of mutations... Mutation morphological, affects the body distribution of the individual, changing the color or shape of any organ. Lethal and deleterious, mutation is one that affects the survival of individuals, because or can result in death before reaching sexual maturity or decrease the ability of survival or reproduction.
On the other hand, conditional mutation is one that only presents the mutant phenotype under certain environmental conditions. Biochemistry or nutritious, produces an alteration or loss precisely some biochemical functions; of loss of function, when disappears just a function and the inverse, of gain of a function, when the change in DNA causes a new function to the gene, generating a new phenotype.
The mutation as a colloquial use of the Word change
Meanwhile, in its more general and broad use we can say that mutation implies any change, transformation, evolution, conversion or metamorphosis that an individual suffers in his life or something. We should also highlight that this word is used at the behest of the slang to refer precisely to those important changes that are seen in someone. "Your cousin physical mutation is certainly amazing, hundred to sixty kilograms, a record."
People we spent mutating, is without a doubt a typically human feature the fact of change, transform. Most of the times is the growth, natural development that leads a person to produce changes or transformations in their lives and sometimes is the situation facing that drives him to change and mutate.
Then, the concept that we are discussing is used as synonym of change either in the physical plane or in emotional terms, of feelings. As already noted, individuals tend to go through stages of mutation of our feelings, our ideas. Meanwhile, they tend to develop with greater virulence when life seems stagnant, without progress towards any side.
Mutation, change, then, is essential to generate new ideas and perspectives of life.
The flat personal and professional are that are especially affected by this type of mutation that we talked about. When a work, a profession, doesn't make us happy, enslaves us to the point of abuse, so it is necessary to mutate into other sides. The same applies to the personal relationships that do not allow forward or which are toxic because they directly hurt feelings.