What is the Meaning & Definition of MySQL

The operational database MySQL system is today one of the most important in relation to the design and development of relational type database. It has millions of applications and appears in the computer world as one of the most used by users of the medium. The MySQL program is used as a server through which you can connect multiple users and use it at the same time. The history of MySQL (whose acronym in English, moved to My Structured Query Language or structured query language) back in the early 1980's. IBM programmers developed it for having a programming code that would generate multiple and extended databases for companies and organizations of different kinds. Since that time numerous versions have emerged and many of them were of great importance. Today MySQL is developed by the company Sun Mycrosystems.
One of the most interesting features of MySQL is allowing recourse to multi-user databases through the web and in different programming languages which are adapted to different needs and requirements. On the other hand, MySQL is known for developing high speed in search of data and information, in contrast to previous systems. Platforms that uses are varied and among them we can mention LAMP, MAMP, SAMP, BAMP and WAMP (applicable to Mac, Windows, Linux, BSD, Open Solaris, Perl and Python among others).
They are studying and developing new versions of MySQL which seek to introduce improvements and advances to allow a better performance in any activity that requires the use of relational databases. These improvements include a new device of warehousing and storage, backup for all types of storage, secure replication, event planning, and more.