What is the Meaning & Definition of Namaste

As well as in our language the Hello and bye are installed for excellence as the words that are pronounced when wanting to greet or say goodbye to someone, respectively, in Asian land, more precisely in the India or beliefs as Buddhism, Hinduism, or practices such as yoga, imposed the term which we deal then , namaste. Basically the namaste is a greeting from popular use among the people, the places and contexts mentioned, either at the beginning or at the end of a meeting.
Not always so or it should be it but worth mentioning that some people accompany the expression of namaste with a slight incline of your body towards the person who greet and say goodbye at the same time that together both palms of his hands, as if they were praying.
This body action's mission is to tell the person to which it is directed that it respects it is considered to be much and there are also others that add to these issues a message of peace and harmony among men. Even the word in Sanskrit means the idea of reverence for someone.
When the namaste is used in religious contexts it is where higher power has the action body of reverence along with the union of the Palms because with regard to Hinduism the left Palm for example has the mission to indicate the head of the faithful while the right feet of God. On the other hand, that same gesture in other religious contexts has the meaning of brotherhood with other mark and leave behind any kind of division last.
In the particular case of the practice of yoga, or between people who share the Buddhist belief, the namaste is a greeting and reverence that is someone who holds a post top, such is the case of an instructor or teacher.