What is the Meaning & Definition of name

The name is the designation given to a person, animal or thing to distinguish it from the rest of their peers and give it a unique identity that is not plausible confusion with other similar tangible. The names are usually the product of tradition or may have been created to describe a new reality. For example, people (more precisely, couples) who are waiting for the birth of a child often give a significant affective and importance at the time of its naming and not only consult to your relatives about the different options of name you have, they it is also very common to consult books or websites that explain the origins and the reason for the names.
One of the most common practices a few decades ago was the place to a child the same name which had a grandmother, an aunt, a premium which had wanted very much and was no longer, with the idea of making him a kind of tribute. In the same way, for a long time, it was common to choose the name of the child or the child in accordance with the Catholic Saints depending on the day of the birth. Thus, born 30 may used to call Fernando, in honor to San Fernando III, or girls born on 25 December used to be called Nativity, in relation to the date of Christmas.
Meanwhile, today it is very frequent that couples escape names that became very common during a lapse of time and choose those that are less common, but no less rare. Indian, Breeze, Luna, Sasha, Shiatsu, are some examples of what they say.
Also another trend that has taken place in recent times among the people, but this depends on the preferences of some clear, is placing their children newly born names short and rare, as this, of course, will make the memory of the same for other people.
"Indian" will obviously be easier to remember than Juan Pablo for example. Another reason to put short names is made with the intention that then them not can be abbreviated, situation that inevitably happens with long names such as Sebastian. Surely who bears this name will be called Sheba, Sebi, among other options.
In addition, as a result of globalization, have begun to see names of other languages that have come into Spanish. Therefore "Johnatan" and its numerous variants, as well as "Cynthia" or "Jennifer" have started to be used in Latin America. Quoted names emerged from the languages of the native peoples also have been integrated and are used regularly, so it is common to hear names such as Nahuel, Eluney, Inti and Quilla, among others in the new generations.
It is worth noting that, in some Nations, you can opt for any denomination which is not offensive to name a small. As well, many times as a tribute, in United States or Uruguay some people have named own Washington (in honor to American liberator), Google (by the Internet search engine) or even the country or the region of origin of their ancestors (Italy, Greece, Alsace,) among others.