What is the Meaning & Definition of Nana

The music has a direct effect on mood as clearly shows the power of music therapy. There are different types of music. There is a melody specially recommended for younger babies: lullabies or lullabies are those melodies of simple letters chanted in a soft tone that grandparents and parents sing to babies in the hour of rest. A cradle song is a tune that helps the child to calm down but also, these chicks are also a perfect medium to create emotional ties between parents and the baby. Simple melodies to babies
For example, the child feels relaxed when he hears the voice of his mother or his father's singing this typical melody. The music is so important in the life of a human being, there are specialists who recommend even listen to music during the pregnancy. Through the music, it is possible to stimulate the sense of hearing in the baby.
A Lullaby is a slow song that is sung almost to the beat of a whisper, is a form of petting a baby on the emotional level. A gesture of love through which nurture their self-esteem. From the point of view of the music of this type of song structure, it should be pointed out that the Lullaby is a short tune that has a basic structure of one or two stanzas. From this point of view, the person easily learn the letter of the Lullaby whose lyrics can be related to maternity.
Songs transmitted by oral tradition
Many cradle songs have been passed down through the oral tradition from generation to generation. Songs that are part of the culture of a people and the family's legacy. Through this song, fathers and mothers want to convey a message of peace, protection and peace of mind to the child. In fact, it is possible to sing to the baby while it cradles you in arms or while it is in the cradle with the desire to offer the small all the happiness in the world during the stage of rest and adequate sleep.