What is the Meaning & Definition of narcissism

Human lives centered on its own individuality, i.e., discussed the reality from the perspective of the self. Something logical bearing in mind that no one can escape his own subjectivity. However, frequently, human beings also could be exceeded in the limits of selfishness as narcissism, i.e., idealization of one's own.

Narcissism understood to magnify the characteristics of one's own

Someone narcissistic is one that does not have a real objectivity in the way in which analyzes herself (power its virtues and exaggerates them and ignore its flaws). But in addition, a person narcissistic is one that calls for an excess of prominence in personal relationships to the point of demanding excessive attention from others (in a way, thought the center of the world).

Not to recognize that it is wrong

People who are Narcissists seek adulation and admiration by others but when they do not receive this feedback are thwarted and get angry. They feel that they are not treated fairly. The narcissism shows an excess of attachment to one's own which distorts the look because somehow, when a person looks too much herself loses the ability to realize other nuances that are there but that go unnoticed in their eyes.
The concept of narcissism refers to the myth of narcissus that shows the story of a young attractive than love itself ends up absorbed in the contemplation of his own image in the reflection of the water of a fountain which ends up drowning. It is a metaphor of how a person can complete empty being, contradictorily, full of itself.

Narcissism is a defect that reigns in society

Narcissism is linked with such human failings such as vanity, arrogance, pride and individualism. It would seem that narcissism is linked with a high self-esteem when in reality it is not so since someone looking for perfection has some type of internal insecurity.
People who are Narcissists tend to produce fatigue in others through their attitude since they enjoy much self-centered being heard but do not enjoy the same way by listening to others. I.e., they think much about their own needs but left in second place the needs of others. And this attitude, sooner or later passed Bill in those relationships in which there is an imbalance.
Remember that you are important, but others are also.