What is the Meaning & Definition of NASA

NASA is a US Agency for space exploration. His initials correspond to the term in English National Aeronautics and Space Administration (in Spanish, National Aeronautics and Space Administration). NASA was founded at the end of the 50s of the 20th century as a response of the Americans at the start of the space race of the Soviets, who launched Sputnik, the first artificial satellite into space. In this way, both countries staged during the following decades the so-called special race (space race) in the context of the cold war.

Strategic projects of global significance and impact

Throughout its history, NASA has driven some space programmes with a high strategic value. The Mercury program was intended to study the possibility of man to inhabit other planets. The Gemini program was the preamble of the Apollo program, the project of sending a man to the Moon (which successfully culminated in 1969). The Apollo program had several missions, which were oriented to research on diverse topics: sources of energy, seismology, magnetic fields, solar storms, meteorology, etc. The set of investigations resulted in advances in different fields, especially in the field of telecommunications, computing and engineering.

Failed projects

The history of NASA also incorporates a list of failures. Apollo l had an accident in 1967 and astronauts that manning the ship died. The shuttle Challenger disintegrated during takeoff in 1968. In 2003 another space shuttle, Columbia, had an accident to come into contact with the Earth's atmosphere after a mission in several weeks.
The Mission of the Apolo Xlll intended to reach the Moon in 1970 but had serious technical problems; However, thanks to the skill of the crew you could avoid a major catastrophe and all its members were able to return to Earth (this episode was brought to cinema in the famous Apolo Xlll film).

The hidden face of NASA

NASA activity has aroused many misgivings. For this reason one speaks on his blind side, i.e., non-official intentions which are kept secret. The so-called secrets of NASA are very varied: human constructions in the Moon dating back to ancient times, contact with aliens or missions for unknown purposes. There is also research that discussed the information restricted NASA (Area 51 is the name given to confidential Department).