What is the Meaning & Definition of Natatory

The concept of swimming pool is usually used to designate those spaces that are dedicated to swimming activities and which have, therefore, one or more pools where to perform such tasks. The swimming pool is a place that requires certain minimum safety rules, as well as also behavioural guidelines which aim to prevent and limit any injury that may occur. The most important element of any swimming pool is without a doubt the (or the) pool where all kinds of water sports and swimming are held. These pools can be of different sizes for each pool. However, in general there are some specific sizes, so it does not tend to build pools completely irregular. If a pool has several pools, chances are that each of them is intended for different activities, especially if there are sinks low and safe for children.
In addition, a swimming pool also includes other spaces that make the complex, for example the locker rooms where swimmers are changed and showering, the rooms of first aid or medical review. These spaces can be found in the same place of the pools as well as different floors in the case that the swimming pool is very large.
It is important to point out that all the swimming pools have certain rules that make better living together at the same time they avoid or decrease the number of accidents. In this sense, is not recommended to enter the swimming pool with clothes and inappropriate footwear since such a situation can be dangerous. It is also run, jump or dive into the pool in areas restricted by its depth. Not to respect the space of the other is also an inappropriate attitude, but this has to do more than anything with patterns of behavior not at all express and implied.