What is the Meaning & Definition of nature

According to the use you are looking for give, the word nature concerns several issues... In general terms and what would be its most widespread use, nature means the set of everything that makes up the universe and whose creation and synthesis there has not been any kind of intervention of human type or otherwise, i.e., that was given and generated in a completely natural way, without demands or interventions, developed is presented and preserved , either those things, bodies, which, despite sometimes malevolent hand of man and its purpose, remain intact and such which originated.
Then, by nature, we understand the way in which there are several particular types of things, the types of living beings, as for example, animals and plants with their respective and spontaneous changes. Weather, matter, such power which is presented to the natural and the geology of the Earth, also are an expression of nature and what it represents.
Without a doubt the most widespread and popular reference that holds this word is everything that integrates the earthly and natural world, including human beings and also to those phenomena that arise without the intervention of the people and that they just have a natural origin, such is the case of various weather events like the snow , the rain, the wind, among others.
Protecting the Earth from harmful actions take care of nature
Ample signs exist that the intervention of man ended up seriously affect the quality and the life of nature on our planet Earth.
Case is that from different areas such as ecology, the protection of the environment, or as I like to call it they tend to spread the message of care for the nature that surrounds us to not jeopardize the conservation relevance of living beings or those ecosystems that make up our planet.
To give effect to this end will need to raise awareness about this issue at all levels, from children in schools, through industries that perform certain actions that could affect the healthy life, to Governments that are somehow responsible for ensuring the safety and natural continuity of the State governing.
It is essential to raise awareness that if an activity or action affects nature must be abandoned, or failing that find a way to make it without that it does affect the natural environment.
Various studies have already proved us more than that if it continues on the planet with a line of indiscriminate use of natural resources very hard we can replace them and not to mention the tremendous damage that we do to the ecosystem to disappear the same.
We have all to understand that the better and more healthy is our nature better will be us and our quality of life.
They are many organizations nonprofit work advocating for a healthier and less polluted world, meanwhile, the most recognized worldwide is Greenpeace, who from four decades made various efforts to raise world awareness for the care of the environment.
Human nature
Also, when for some reason or situation we want to realize the essence and characteristic property that holds every being live, we talk about nature that sends him and making it to act in a certain way. For example, communication is a very important and integral part of human nature that makes us distinguish humans just because of this essential.
Then, human nature which is how we could define this sense of the term that concerns us will allow us to express to those features that are inherent to all individuals, whether men or women, and that will also be closely linked with the way in which act, think and feel.
It is also common that the word nature is used when you want to refer to the character or temperament that presents a particular person. In this sense, they say, the nature of Maria is impulsive. On the other part, and following in this plane that has to do with that which allows us to distinguish a trait of a person or animal, is that the term nature is often used to account for the physical feature that presents a person or an animal.
Other uses of the term
On the other hand, by nature, is also designated at the beginning or cosmic force which is assumed applies and ordered every one of the things that were created.
And finally, nature is a term used to refer to the genus, species or kind of something or someone. The nature of this tissue is unique I haven't seen two equal.