What is the Meaning & Definition of nausea

Nausea word refers to an annoying symptom characterized by desire to vomit, is not a disease in itself, it is rather a manifestation which is common to various types of diseases. The main causes of nausea are digestive disorders, mainly those who affect the stomach as gastroenteritis, food allergies, and poisonings. Lower segments of bowel problems do not usually cause nausea with the exception of intestinal obstruction.
Some non-stomach-related disorders are able to produce nausea as it is the case of diseases which distends an organ, an organ or the drain of the same line as the case of gallbladder diseases is especially the presence of stones, kidney stones, and hepatitis. They may also occur as a symptom companion in the crises of migraine, the labyrinthitis, different balance disorders and cardiac infarcts, can even occur as a side effect after the use of some medications, especially opioid analgesics or central action and the drugs used in chemotherapy.
Usually as nausea improve or disappear when vomiting and should be differentiated with conditions such as gastroesophageal reflux, in which the content of the stomach passes into the esophagus and even to the throat, but unlike of nausea no vomit or feel like vomiting.
Nausea occur by activation of an area of the brain call center vomiting which occurs when irritated gastric cells release serotonin and this is attached to a specific type of receptor called 5HT3, this phenomenon activates the parasympathetic system making contract smooth muscle of the stomach which favours the expulsion of its contents through the mouth. This activation of the parasympathetic system is accompanied by other manifestations occurring simultaneously such as salivation and sweating.
Nausea it also can accompany physiological conditions such as pregnancy, situation in which are caused by hormonal changes that accompany this process, not all women have them, however when they occur tend to be more annoying in the morning and improve in the course of the day, nausea in pregnancy generally do not affect to the baby unless they accompany by constant vomiting that can cause dehydration and electrolyte disorders in the mother.