What is the Meaning & Definition of need

Need to be called to those feelings of lack, of human beings and which are closely linked to a desire for satisfaction of the same. For example, thirst, cold, hunger, an achievement, an affection, power, personal fulfilment, are some of the more common than humans needs, surely, will experience even once in life because they are in our human nature. There are five types of basic needs, grouped according to the purpose of the topic. Physiological needs, those most basic feels an individual, such as food, drink, clothing and housing, then we have the need for safety and protection. Followed by this are the affective needs, love, friendship, affection and belonging. Already at a slightly more advanced stage of requirements we have the needs of self-esteem, that only success and prestige that is reached will satisfy them and finally, self-realization, the maximum intake of an individual, because that will offer you this best corollary concept of all efforts and times that have invested in to meet it.
On the other hand, the term need is used when you want to describe or talk about some kind of obligation to have in life, and that without the realization of it would follow several drawbacks. For example, the workplace, for the majority of people who live on this planet, unless in the case of a millionaire, but clear, are the least work really is a necessity, because without the person could not cover properly and correct some aspects of your life such as the feed, dress, entertain or any other question you need smooth and simply because it would not have the financial means that allow the realization of such things.
In both and in close relationship with this last that mentioned the need of work, also is often used the term need to when you want to give an account of the situation of extreme poverty which is going through an individual.
And the last of the current uses of the word need found in what could be described as unstoppable momentum, i.e. when they pass us things which we cannot avoid and do that for example, upon impact causing us to something or someone, we do or say something about a lover who does not hold and steals a passionate kiss from his beloved.