What is the Meaning & Definition of negligence

Negligence is the omission, voluntary and conscious neglect the everyday task that is deployed or in the exercise of the profession through the completion of an act contrary to what the duty which that person carries out requires and implies. This serious fault or blame, are generally punishable in a sanction in criminal matters.
Although and according to what we mentioned in the first paragraph, any person is plausible of committing negligence in their everyday activities, but there are certain professions, usually, those oriented towards and at the service of the common good and of which depends on the security and integrity of others, who are more exposed to it.
For example, the profession of police, architect and nor that to speak of a physician are that more must take care of this aspect, this is that during the process of vocational preparation, will be necessary to make special emphasis on the social responsibility that their professions have. In the case of a police officer, the utmost care should go through being enabled already by itself by law to use a weapon in case that ventures some danger, this will obviously mean do it wisely and not believe, as a result of this issue, which is super powerful and perhaps injuring some innocent of gravity.
In the case of an architect will be of vital importance to building plan and direct, is differe, e first obviously framed in legal guidelines requiring any work, because his irresponsibility in some of the stages of this process, such as the poor choice of materials or the lack of security for the personnel that directs may be very serious and may indirectly cause an accident.
And finally, one of the negligence that is best known for the common people given the impact that many of these cases usually have in the mass media, is the medical malpractice and is given by what we mentioned before, the Act or omission of this on the part of a doctor which causes serious injury to a patient. This practice also known as malpractice in some countries, has the endorsement of most of the laws that make up the world and be checked is serious and severely punished with prison sentences or even the withdrawal of professional tuition