What is the Meaning & Definition of Nemesis

The word nemesis is the term used to mean the opposite of one, one makes you front and opposes fully. The nemesis is a figure that represents feelings and negative elements since it is all completely negative and opposite to a person. The name nemesis comes from the Greek and ancient Greek culture Nemesis was a goddess who applied justice and vengeance upon those who failed to make the designs of the gods. As their task was just punishing humans, nemesis is today associated with negative and dark elements. The goddess Nemesis-Greek is not as well known as others, but their task in the world of the gods and humans was less important than the one of other gods. This is so since Nemesis humans who did not follow or not respected the plan of the gods punished but at the same time she stood above the gods of Olympus and may be considered a greater goddess. Although it was represented as a beautiful goddess, it also tended to represent it in images, sculptures and other works of art with a somewhat lugubrious to redial aspect the fact that his power was divine justice.
Then comes the idea of nemesis, concept used today in our language of this goddess. The nemesis is normally understood as that which is directly opposed to one's self. Thus, the nemesis of a person may be described as their most important and intimate enemy who knows the person in full way and knows what are its weaknesses and miseries. The idea of nemesis is very present in the iconography of the comics and the heroes in general since despite being the same very powerful, they always have some important enemy who may have the power to defeat them easily to know their weaknesses.