What is the Meaning & Definition of neophyte

The word neophyte is used to account for that person who has recently acceded to a cause or a community. In this particular situation, it is common that individual present an enormous enthusiasm in the tasks assigned to it, for example, and at the same time also ignorance, since being new to the topic must be learning and gathering among the older members of the different experiences. It is also common that used the word neophyte to refer to a person newly converted to a religion, such is the case of an individual who decides to join the ranks of Christianity. Little by little, thanks to the Guide receive other parishioners and church officials such as priests, will be incorporating the Customs and rituals of the religion in question.
It is also frequent that in everyday language the word is used to refer to one who is new in a particular place or activity. I am a neophyte in the wine tasting.
Meanwhile, the word neophyte is closely linked with terms such as: profess, novel, novice, novice, beginner, novice and apprentice, being then used many times as a synonym for the same and directly opposes how veteran and experienced words that imply a vast knowledge in certain matters, trade or profession, for the simple reason of having devoted years to the same.