What is the Meaning & Definition of nepotism

The concept of nepotism is specially linked to the scope of the policy because it's a tendency, inclination which is quite frequent in this context and which consists in that a leader or political authority favors to his inner circle, family and friends, among others, with officials or with some other benefit that comes directly from the coffers of the State. In nepotism no matter the merit or the professional qualities of a person but is what is privileged to give a position or function to someone that it is friend or family who takes power, because you know that they will report you loyalty and loyalty always.
Undoubtedly the nepotism is one of the more questionable and improper practices that exist in the politics of yesterday and today.
This type of behavior from politicians is something that comes by registering, noting in the politics of the all times and in all political colors, unfortunately, is clear.
In the ancient Greece, during the Roman Empire, in the European monarchies and contemporary Governments we find cases of nepotism. A debt to the political leadership maintains with its represented since almost time immemorial.
Because the ideal would be that politicians are surrounded or recommend suitable professionals to play a role x in the State and not in place to move someone with utmost capacity so that occupies it a family member or friend of power, as it is popularly.
Along with corruption, nepotism, is one of the great evils lurking to Governments, especially those of personalistic, autocratic character characterized by suspicion when it comes to give to those individuals able and independent spaces. Instead it opts for characters that end up being servile and functional to the power of the moment.
Somehow nepotism is practiced, engaging in corruption, since usually are usually those family and friends who are located in offices assign fabulous salaries, which most often are not justified and that remaining resources to the State to really important causes.