What is the Meaning & Definition of nerves

People may feel nervousness at certain times. The nervousness shows that feeling of unease in the pit of the stomach. Anyone feel nervous in a novel situation which makes you get out of your comfort zone. For example, it is common to feel some nerves in a job interview, in a review, in the preparation of an opposition... In that case, feel nerves properly shows to get interested in this objective in particular. Otherwise, when a student feels indifference to prepare for an exam, not feel nerves. "Happy" concerns in life
From another point of view, there is also a very nice stage of life in which a person can experience a nervousness, a Tickle in the heart. When a person is in love with that species of butterflies in the stomach that is a sign of the anxiety that arises before the uncertainty of love experience. The doubt of not knowing if that history will have future or if the other person feels the same, then, Valentine also feel impatience and restlessness in their first appointments.
Losing control of what happens, and anxiety
A person may also lose the nerves in a fit of anger, which means losing control of the situation and saying things that in reality does not mean. When a person is very nervous cannot think clearly, lives a great tension and observe reality with concern. For this reason, it is important to perform relaxation exercises when a person is very nervous, take a deep breath, look for a quiet place...
On the other hand, excessive nervousness is also linked with anxiety. Anxiety can be overcome but it is essential to do so following the recommendations of the doctor according to each case in particular.
Fear as a sign of nervousness
Nervousness also shows the feeling of discomfort experienced by a person when it confronts a situation that causes some concern. For example, a very shy person tends to be nervous when speaking in public. People experience nervousness more often in novel situations that force to leave the zone of comfort in routine situations in which a person feels very comfortable. There are people who do not do things that cause them some nervousness when in fact, avoidance is not a good mechanism. Face the reality always is the best choice.