What is the Meaning & Definition of nest

Space built by animals to have his family and then take care of it

The nest is a place with characteristics of refuge and used by many animals to breed, especially in the first moments after his birth. Generally, the nest is the place chosen by oviparous animals, which are those whose reproduction is to lay eggs, so the nest is the chosen space to place the egg and take care of it until the birth of the breeding. Birds, reptiles, insects, fish and amphibians in case trees this way and belong to this group.

Birds, nests Queens

Birds, without a doubt, are the species that is more associated to nests. Females lay eggs in the nest and brood them or incubated sitting on them to provide heat and to make the embryo develops in a compliant manner. Once the chicks break the egg, which marks its birth, they are raised for some time in the same nest.

How to make the nests and where

The construction of the nest is certainly admirable, following the example of birds, normally, arm him from organic material such as leaves, Earth and branches. They occupy together to them and place them in the nest once forming the egg deposited and incubated to there. The most common places where birds arman nests are the branches of a tree, some hollow in this, in thickets, and even in the windows of the houses.
In the Assembly of the nest are the females which do most of the construction work, while males are collaborating but to a lesser extent.

Colloquial use: Home

As a result of this reference, in colloquial usage, people call home, to your home like nest.

Other uses

But there are more uses of this word, less widespread than the listed references, but which also tend to be used in our language... The place in which people who do not enjoy good reputation gather is called nest and also to the place in the born or collects any issue that is harmful to health. Nest of thieves, nest of bacteria, respectively.