What is the Meaning & Definition of Netbook

A netbook is a computer classified as NetBook that has a low cost and reduced dimensions. He is commonly called netbook, NetBook or Ultra Mobile PC to characteristics similar to the laptop or notebook computer, but which have functionality and reduced or minimized dimensions has one lower cost, to the time that allows greater mobility and more availability of autonomy. Netbooks are used primarily as a system for surfing the Web and other basic operations such as word processors.
Today's netbooks have become popular, since because of its economy are located within reach of many typical users who require a simple and reliable operating system without the high range of a traditional notebook. The most common netbook using an operating system that is conventional such as Windows or Linux, as opposed to minor such as palm devices that require a specific system. Currently, the netbooks are sold mostly as an Internet browsing device.
In a matter of technical characteristics, a netbook or NetBook may have a screen between 7 and 13 inches, approximately, with a weight that never exceeds 2 kg. A netbook, for example, may not have certain ports or additional units that increase the price of laptops.
New models of netbooks such as the ASUS Eee PC, or popularly known laptop designed by Nicholas Negroponte, an economic model that responded to the premise "A laptop per child", have recently been introduced in the market to reduce the digital divide in developing countries. This model that could meet very basic functions so that the children learn the fundamental concepts of computer science had a cost of around $ 100.
Another similar device is the nettop, a desktop not laptop features similar to the netbook computer.