What is the Meaning & Definition of neurotic

The neurotic word refers to that which is own neurosis or relating thereto. And the other applications that has the word is to refer to that person, individual who suffers from neurosis.
Meanwhile, the neurosis is a functional disease of the central nervous system, which is especially characterized by emotional instability. The word is the direct consequence of the proposal made, in the year 1769, the Scottish doctor William Cullen.
Neurosis is a mental disorder in fact but in which no evidence any organic lesion. The neurotic individual presents a high level of distress and at the same time a disruptive hypertrophy of the mechanisms that allow to compensate it, sufferers then feel the need to develop repetitive behaviors to reduce the level of stress reached.
Currently, both clinical psychology and Psychiatry decided to put away the notion of neurosis, choosing specialists talk about different types of disorders such as: anxiety (phobias, obsessive compulsive disorder, agoraphobia), depressive (cyclothymia, depressive episodes), dissociative (depersonalization, possession, trance disorder, multiple personality disorder), sexual (child abuse, masochism and sadism) and sleep (insomnia, Hypersomnia).
The specialists in the field agree that people with the mission to protect themselves from the trouble use different defense mechanisms such as repression, denial, projection, displacement and the intellectualization. Then, observe the patterns of a neurosis, most likely you are to a personality disorder.
Neurosis can be detected and identified through various psychological tests.
On the other hand, in the language of current and popular when someone says of such or which is a neurotic, the safer is trying to say is that you it's an obsessive or nervous person.