What is the Meaning & Definition of neutral

Depending on the context in which the neutral word use it is it will have different references. When someone, of an individual, a person is said that it is neutral, what it is trying to address is that it is indifferent, that does not take party in any respect that refer to it or which touch you intervene. Especially at the behest of the policy is that it is generally used the mentioned sense. The elections were dominated by neutrals.
On the other hand, in chemistry, it is said to be rather neutral when it has a PH of 7, it is neither acid nor Basic.
Electricity when the electrical load is net, i.e., positive or negative is called a neutral charge.
On the other hand, when a species has no sexual apparatus or don't have it developed classified it is as neutral, for example the so-called worker bees.
Also, within the scope of the grammar is used with recurrence the word to refer to what is not male nor female gender, but is different from both.
Meanwhile, in recent years the neutral word has become popular enough as a result of the use that is given to refer to the language model of certain media and entertainment, such as international press agencies, dubbing Studios, productions of telenovelas, among others, and operating in a wide geographic area and then to reason, they choose those semantic lexical forms that are most widespread in all that territory, as well as models of diction, as standards of pronunciation, with the aim of suppressing territorial identification that could be with a country in particular if those words more recurrent and own that use.
And the word is also often used when there is talk of colors, specifically to refer to the colours white, grey and black. In terms of painting, neutral is called the result of mixing precise quantities of the primary colors.