What is the Meaning & Definition of New York

Considered the most important city in the world at the economic and cultural level, New York is located in the State namesake of United States although not its capital despite possessing the largest population not only of that State if not the entire country. New York, also known as the Big Apple or The Big Apple in English, is one of economic, population and cultural centers of the world, with a population of more than eight million inhabitants and a surface of 1214 square kilometers. In addition, New York is the headquarters of the United Nations, which also gives it a significance greater than the rest of the great cities of the world. The Foundation of the city of New York came in the early 17TH century though by this time it had still the current name if not which was known as new Amsterdam. In 1664 he would name which remains to the present day and which was placed in honor of the English Duke of York. This area of North America specialized in the fur trade and later become one of the most important of the whole economic centres to be one of the most extreme over the North Atlantic.
New York is, as stated, a financial and economic centre finding in it the famous United States stock exchange or Wall Street, as well as the tragically disappeared World Trade Center where the famous twin towers were located until 2001. In addition, it is a Center cultural and entertainment with an endless number of monuments of great historical and cultural value as the statue of liberty, Rockefeller Center, the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, major museums as the Museum of Modern Art or MOMA, the Centre of theatrical productions (Broadway) and parks of eternal green like Central Park. All of them are must-sees for tourists and even for the same New Yorkers who tend to visit them regularly.