What is the Meaning & Definition of New Zealand

Considered one of the countries in the world with highest quality of life, New Zealand is located in the continent of Oceania. Being an island, this country is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean mostly, although South bathe it the waters of the Antarctic Ocean and the Tasman Sea to the West. New Zealand consists of two large islands: North Island, smaller and more compact, and the South Island, more extensive and large. The city of Wellington is the capital of this country, although the most populated city and also considered tourist centre in the area is the beautiful city of Auckland. Both cities are located in the North Island. New Zealand is considered one of the most beautiful places on the planet, having largely unspoiled and incredibly beautiful landscapes. At the same time possess a rich and abundant nature, this country has thriving and dynamic cities that have nothing to envy to the urban centers of Europe and North America. The islands of New Zealand contain a significant presence of volcanoes and mountains, which implies certain risks for the population.
As in much of the Pacific Islands conquered by the European man, New Zealand has an identity that is based on the mixture of native racial elements as the maori and European racial elements. The physical part of its population characteristics, both cultural and religious practices the maori presence becomes clearly evident.
New Zealand is today organized under the political system of a constitutional monarchy but the head of State is elected democratically. It has a population of around four million people in the whole of the two islands and the country is divided administratively into sixteen regions such as Northland, Taranaki, Wellington, Nelson, Marlborough, West Coast, Gisborne, Waikato, Auckland and others.